Lamar County, Mississippi

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Our range currently extends out to 80 meters (87 yards) with targets consisting of steel plate and the traditional wood backboard for paper targets.  Plans are in the works to extend our range to a full 100 meters in the very near future.

**Legal Disclaimer:  Crooked Horse Rifle & Pistol does not engage in the sales or manufacturing of firearms.  We are not responsible should you do something stupid with a firearm nor are we responsible for any outcome should you choose to engage in activity seen in our videos.  Take some accountability and responsibility for yourself and your actions.**

Welcome to Crooked Horse Rifle & Pistol out of Lamar County, Mississippi.  We share with you the history of firearms from years ago so we don't forget the good and evil behind them.  We also provide you unbiased reviews of firearms of today to help you, the consumer, make an informed decision on your next purchase.  

We will be selling low-cost, quality products soon so stay tuned.

Thank you for shooting with us...

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